Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality Policy

We are committed to create value for our customers by periodically reviewing context of the organization and continually improving our systems and processes. Through active involvement of our employees, we shall strive to achieve the following goals:

Customer Care :

• Complete the projects in time and within budget

• Committed to create value for stakeholders

• Control over outsourced processes that affect product conformity

• Enhance competency of employees to perform the works that affect product conformity

• Set, develop, and implement functional specific Objectives& Targets, to go beyond compliance to the best industry standards.

Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety :

• EHS is line management responsibility and every employee has a defined responsibility, authority and accountability.

• Prevent occupational injury & ill health through continual improvements in safety practices to reduce the rate of lost time injuries.

• Pollution Prevention (P2) and protection to the environment, to reduce, eliminate or prevent pollution at its source by the use of processes, practices, and materials.

• Fulfil compliance obligation with all applicable legal and other requirements related to its Occupational Health & Safety hazards & Environmental aspects.

• Enhance employee awareness, skill and competence to demonstrate their involvement, responsibility and accountability for sound environmental, Occupational Health and Safety.

• Ensure participation and involvement of employees in hazard identification, risk assessment, control measures, incident investigation, and setting Objectives and Targets

This policy has been communicated, understood and applied to all employees of Hilal Bil Badi & Partners Contracting Company W.L.L and is made available to the interested parties.

Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality Objectives

Hilal Bil Badi & Partners Contracting Company W.L.L shall set the following Objectives to implement by periodically reviewing and continually improving its Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality Policy:

Customer Care :

• Review and improve the systems and process to enhance value for all stakeholders.

• To ensure customer satisfaction by fulfilling the customer needs and expectation.

Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety :

• Ensure to maintain adequate risk control measures to workplace potential hazards by constant supervision, checks and inspections to prevent injuries.

• Provide and maintain effective workplace precautions and control measures to prevent injury/harm to employees and stakeholder 's assets at the point of risk from fire.

• Adopt Environmental sustainable practices to protect environment, prevent pollution, conserve resources and minimize, reuse or recycle waste.

Knowledge Management :

• Establish and implement knowledge management as intellectual assets for identifying, capturing and sharing of information.

Human Capital :

• Establish and implement schemes for identifying, evaluating and enhancing employee competency.

Resource Management :

• Establish resource management system at all relevant functions to optimize resource utilization and minimize material wastage including natural resources.

The Corporate objectives shall be implemented at the functional level.